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Battle System Updates!

My battle system has been progressing quite nicely and the core is almost finished.

See more screenshots and info here


Battle System Updates

New Screenshots to show progress of my battle system

Notes: The sidebar is the CTB turn order list
Battlers in red are enemies, blue are actors, gold/yellow is the current battler
The list auto-updates while the player is browsing the command window
It also show images for each battler, right now for showcasing purposes, I just used images from the icon sheet.
When executing an action, the list only shows the current battler (to avoid some confusion on the list)

When a battler dies, it is removed from the list

Shared Storage Released!

I created a new script that allows you to create a shared storage file. The storages are accessible by any saves of your game, or even between games if you set it up to. You could also create multiple storages in just one file so you could make for example two drawer events that have completely different storages in it.

See it here: