Monthly Archives: April 2014

Skill Levels v1.05

Updated Skill Levels script to v1.05. Clarified the path tag (it should be per skill actually) on the description + changed the tag for the actor’s specific skill extension because the old one was actually wrong


New Script: Ruby Enemy Action Selection

Added a new script that allows you to use full RGSS3 formula for enemy action selections! Check it out on the RGSS3 sections!


Battle Lightings! (Lanthanum Lights v1.40)

I’ve updated Lanthanum Lights to version 1.40. I’ve added the capability to have battle lightings. It was actually there when I first made the script (as a side-effect), but because of some edits that I needed to make for the whole system to work correctly, it was removed. So now I added it as an actual capability of the system. Check it out on the blog.


Lanthanum Lights v1.30

I updated Lanthanum Lights to version 1.30. Added an option for frame wait so that the lights don’t update per frame. This results to a trade-off between CPU usage (which can cause a huge FPS drop in case of heavy usage) vs smoothness


Zodiac Icons

I created an iconset of the Zodiac, complete with both figure-based and symbol-based icons.

View it here:


Lanthanum Lights v1.20

Lanthanum Lights is now updated to v1.20! Some small bug fixes. 🙂