Extended Blue Magic v1.01

Extended Blue Magic v1.01
by AdiktuzMiko

Blue magic is a method of learning abilities from monsters that was introduced by Final Fantasy.
When a monster with a blue magic hits a blue mage, he will learn that ability.


– Allows you to specify actors or classes as “blue mages”
– Allows you to attach the “blue mage” property to equipments
– Allows you to specify skills as “blue magic”
– Allows the creation of different types of “blue magic”
– Allows multiple tags on a single object


Direct Link: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=xcZnJFSF


Mr. Bubble – Original blue magic script from which this was created created upon.

Script was posted with his permission of course.

Tsukihime – For the Tag Manager script that this script utilizes



Version 1.01 – Fixed the script, now works fine with more than 1 actor in party

#=============================================================================Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



20 thoughts on “Extended Blue Magic v1.01

  1. Kagu

    Hi there!
    I’m running into an error when I use this script.

    My current scripts:
    -Yami Engine Ace – Basic Module
    -Yami Engine Ace – Guardian Series: Guardian Basic
    -Yami Engine Ace – Guardian Series: Guardian Menu
    -Yanfly Engine Ace – Party System v1.08
    -Tag Manager by Tsukihime
    …and your script.

    Thanks a ton.

      1. Kagu

        This error happens when a skill is about to be used on a character that could learn it.
        To be specific, the skill that’s being used is a party targeting one, and it errors out as soon at it’s about to show the damage for the Blue Mage.
        For instance, let’s say the party member is called BlueMage.
        >Enemy uses BlueMagic!
        >Char1 is dealt X damage!
        >Char2 is dealt X damage!]
        >ERROR, does not continue after this, since the next character is BlueMage

  2. Kagu

    What do you mean exactly?
    I mean, I could probably just give you the project itself, to save time. it’s not like it’s something I wanted to release. It’s mostly just a pastime.

  3. charon85onozuka

    Just started getting into RPG Maker and love your script, however thought I should make you aware of an error I’m getting in my test file: http://i.imgur.com/hGIwSkS.png

    The error only seems to occur when LEARN_BY_SIGHT = “true” and disappeared when I turned it to “false” instead. The only scripts I had in the test file were yours and Tag Manager by Tsukihime, both unchanged from what I got off the sites. Error appears immediately after the skill is used by an enemy, regardless of what target it is used on and then crashes the game.

  4. Tiago Mercês

    I found a bug.
    This bug occurs both in the script “Adiktuzmiko – Extends Blue Mage” and the script “Mr. Bubble – Blue Mage”.

    “Adiktuzmiko – Extends Blue Mage”
    “Line 426: No MethodError ocurred.
    Undefined Method ‘item’ for nil: NilClass.

    “Mr. Bubble – Blue Mage”
    “Line 396: No MethodError ocurred.
    Undefined Method ‘item’ for nil: NilClass.

    To find the bug, follow these steps:
    1 – Create a spell
    2 – Add the application of a state that magic
    3 – This state should disable the user (exemple: sleep, paralyzed, stunned)
    4 – apply this magic in the own user (example: Actor 1, use in actor 1)

    See the bug.

    1. Tiago Mercês

      Change line 426:
      item = @subject.current_action.item if @subject.current_action

      the problem now, is compatible with the “Yami Battle Symphony”.

    1. lanthanumentertainment Post author

      First, it’s not meant to work with the original script (Mr. Bubbles) because it was like an extended edit of that original script…

      Second, I don’t really work on compatibility (especially since this was just an edit that I did) and right now I also don’t have the time… so sorry about that.


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