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Being connected and privacy… You can’t have both fully at the same time…

Being connected and privacy… You can't have both fully at the same time….


A lost value: Family

The Adiktuz Scrolls

Browsing thru the internet I saw several posts about today’s generation, about how they/we seem to be on the side of living alone. Reading those posts made me think, is it true? The answer came almost instantly, yes. I myself aren’t one of those who seem to want to live alone, I want to live away from my family (parents and siblings), but definitely not alone. As much as I’m kinda fine with being alone, living with other people is simply, more fun. I want to live with my buddies (which I am doing right now) and in the near future with my girlfriend once she becomes my wife.

But that’s just me, which is clearly just an integral part of this whole generation. Reflecting on what I see in real-life, in the televisions, in the news, in other blogs and other media, it does really seem like a lot of…

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