Monthly Archives: May 2013

New section!

We have another new section, the Games and Apps Section… 🙂


Artwork section and Terms and Conditions

Added two new sections, the Artwork section and the Terms and Conditions page.

The artwork section will showcase artworks done by Lanthanum Entertainment while the Terms and Conditions page shows the terms on usage of LE’s resources.

Added a new section, the RM VXAce section which will be where the games/projects we do in RM VXAce will be posted.



Chest Drop Randomizer v1.1

Chest drop randomizer has been updated to version 1.1!

Added methods that takes arrays instead of low and high values to allow randomization from a scattered set.

Check it out here:


Critical EX v1.0

Posted a new script under the RGSS3 section, Critical EX


Extended Blue Magic v1.01

Updated the script, it now works fine with more than 1 actor in the party.


RGSS3 Section

The RGSS3 section is now up and running. Currently it has 4 scripts available.