Skill Levels + Add-Ons

Basically this is a core script that allows you to have skill levels for your battlers.

Add-ons will also be provided and made over time for allowing normal users to utilize it more

Get the scripts here:
Skill Levels v1.05
EXP On Use Add-On v1.01

There are also some short snippets here


4 thoughts on “Skill Levels + Add-Ons

  1. Adam

    Hello, i’m sorry for asking, but i can’t seem to make this awesome script work. I tried addind the three script in the material section then i added the note tag to the fire skill.


    Then i used fire skill a lot, but the level won’t go up… But the xp go up. Is my Skill Path Tag wrong. I wanted a level up after 5 fight.

    Here is a zip with the file.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. lanthanumentertainment Post author

      can you post a screenshot of the database for the fire skill? Btw, sorry for the late reply and I might not also be able to reply anytime soon as I’m quite busy with work…

      One problem might be that you forgot to add the skill level tags to the actor.

  2. PYRG

    Hey there! you suggested I use your scripts last night and so far I love them, but I have two quick questions about this script.

    I can’t get a ‘level up’ message to play when my skill is leveled. The skill levels correctly, but no message is shown. I currently have this under the Actor tab (it is for a woodcutting profession)

    $game_message.add(“Your Woodcutting Level has grown!”)
    and this under the skill tab of skill #999

    My other question is – what would the value be if i want the experience needed to exponentially grow each level?

    1. lanthanumentertainment Post author

      1) To possibly add a message, you might wanna edit the methods for the specific leveling, another thing is that the $game_message might not be present at that point in time which is why no message is shown

      2) Depends on how you actually want it to grow


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